Our Values

As members of the YWCA Hunter Region Inc we are committed to our strategic values:


Respect is the foundation of all interactions and behaviours toward people, animals and property at the YWCA Hunter. It is demonstrated in the acknowledgment of the traditional owners of the land and our commitment to Indigenous recognition and reconciliation.



Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that are consistent throughout the organisation. It is an adherence to an ethical standard built on a strong moral code of behaviour.

It is in practice being honest, open and direct, of being transparent in our communications and behaviour.

This ensures that all members of our organisation treat staff and clients alike in a consistent ethical manner.



We envisage a world where women have the power to act on their own authority in a self-determined manner; to exercise their rights and to be full and equal members of society.

This begins at a very young age and it forms a practical approach to resource-oriented intervention to enabling and equipping.



We aim to contribute to the building of a strong community that is inclusive, accepting and appreciative of diversity.

We aim to achieve this by developing positive, effective and cooperative liaisons with other organisations within the community; by actively complimenting and enhancing services offered within our community in a non- competitive manner.

On the home front we strive for diversity and show value and appreciation for each staff member, board member and volunteer’s unique contribution and knowledge.



We endeavour to ensure that personal or social circumstances such as gender, ethnic origin or family background, or disability are not obstacles to participating in our programs (definition of fairness) and that all are given the assistance they require to find enjoyment and success in their participation.

People are born into different economic circumstances, have different personalities, talents, interests and abilities as well as different races, cultures and backgrounds. All of these things play a role in outcomes for individuals. Because we believe that everyone should have the chance to be successful and live a fulfilling life, we endeavour to provide varying levels of support depending upon need to achieve greater fairness of outcomes for all and not allow circumstances to create situations of inequity.