Have lots of fun! Activities such as craft, art, cooking, games and excursions. Each day is different, an in-house day usually look like this…

  • 7.30am        Free time period. Games, craft, active and electronic games and board games are available for the children’s enjoyment during free time.
  • 9.30am        Morning program (theme for the day)
  • 11.00am      Morning tea
  • 11.30am      Program continues
  • 1.00pm        Lunch
  • 1.30pm        Free time period
  • 1.50pm        Rest
  • 2.00pm        Afternoon program
  • 3.30pm        Afternoon tea
  • 4.00pm        Pack away and tidy up
  • 4.15pm         Afternoon DVD movie (Only G Rated movies are watched in the Centre)
  • 6.00pm        Centre close

Please arrive by 9.30am each day, unless you are booked in for an excursion with an early departure, then arrive 40 mins prior to excursion departure time. Excursion times are listed on our Booking form.