Our Vision

YWCA Hunter exists to support, empower and connect women, children and their families for a stronger community.

Strengthened by Christian heritage and enriched by our worldwide membership of women and girls the YWCA Hunter Region is a women’s membership movement based on feminist principles of equality. Today we aspire to sustainability through the richness of diversity from many beliefs and values. YWCA Hunter exists to support, empower and connect women and families for a stronger community. The YWCA in the Hunter has been delivering services to women of the Newcastle region in later years to the wider Hunter community for 95 years. In the Hunter, the YWCA has been supporting and working with women and their families since 1880. The YWCA Newcastle commenced operations at 113 King Street Newcastle in 1921 with Club Rooms, Cafeteria, Classes and a variety of Clubs open to all people.

The YWCA Hunter is part of a global membership based movement of women and girls, which promotes women’s leadership and gender equality.

The World YWCA is a global network of women and young women leading social and economic change in over 122 countries. The World YWCA is one of the world’s largest and oldest women’s organisations with a global reach of 25 million women and girls. It advocates for peace, justice, human rights and care of the environment, and has been at the forefront of raising the status of women for over 150 years. The World YWCA develops women’s leadership to find local solutions to the global inequalities women face. Annually the network supports 25 million women and girls.