Enrol online here https://prodadmin.myxplor.com/enrollment_v2/centre/Hgnz0x4174kcfCBM0ZRfSQ

If you are experiencing any issues when submitting your enrolment, check that you have inputted correct CRN and correct date of birth.

If your email address isn’t accepted, it is because your email is currently in use at another child care centre who also uses Xplor software. Try another email such as a work email. Or if you have a gmail try adding +1 xxxxxx+1@gmail.com. Or if you no longer use the centre where your email is registered, contact them and ask them to remove it.

Still experiencing problems? Contact us on 02 4929 2954 or email info@ywcahunterregion.org.au and we’ll be happy to help.