YWCA Hunter is a women-led organisation that achieves positive change by providing advocacy, programs and services to support, empower and connect women and families for a stronger community. YWCA Hunter Region Inc. is part of the YWCA World and an affiliate of YWCA Australia.

We offer a range of Programs that endeavor to bring improved well being, inclusion and a sense of belonging.

KinderDance: For pre-school aged children we offer KinderDance. KinderDance is a fun, upbeat dance class combined with a modified gym circuit. It is a structured pre-school program that provides children with a joy for movement, body awareness, improved coordination and gross motor skills.

Self Defence for Teen Girls: Classes have a holistic approach and include personal development skills and physical self defence skills. Participants develop awareness and personal empowerment. These classes have a lasting positive impact on participants.

Sit. Get Fit:   Chair Yoga. This class is suitable for everyone, including 50+, less agile as well as active yogis. Our participants notice benefits such as improved flexibility, improved circulation and less aches & pains.

YWCA’s Encore is a free 8 week program designed specifically for women who have experienced breast cancer surgery. Encore sessions currently run in February/March and October/November in Waratah, Salamander Bay and Valentine.

YWCA Hunter offers affordable Hall Hire with competitive hourly rates to hire our full-size indoor basketball court. Also on offer is budget accommodation for female international university students.

Visit our Programs and Services pages for more information.

As members of the YWCA Hunter Region Inc we are committed to our strategic values:


Respect is the foundation of all interactions and behaviours toward people, animals and property at the YWCA Hunter. It is demonstrated in the acknowledgment of the traditional owners of the land and our commitment to Indigenous recognition and reconciliation.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that are consistent throughout the organisation. It is an adherence to an ethical standard built on a strong moral code of behaviour.

It is in practice being honest, open and direct, of being transparent in our communications and behaviour.

This ensures that all members of our organisation treat staff and clients alike in a consistent ethical manner.


We envisage a world where women have the power to act on their own authority in a self-determined manner; to exercise their rights and to be full and equal members of society.

This begins at a very young age and it forms a practical approach to resource-oriented intervention to enabling and equipping.


We aim to contribute to the building of a strong community that is inclusive, accepting and appreciative of diversity.

We aim to achieve this by developing positive, effective and cooperative liaisons with other organisations within the community; by actively complimenting and enhancing services offered within our community in a noncompetitive manner.

On the home front we strive for diversity and show value and appreciation for each staff member, board member and volunteer’s unique contribution and knowledge.


We endeavour to ensure that personal or social circumstances such as gender, ethnic origin or family background, or disability are not obstacles to participating in our programs (definition of fairness) and that all are given the assistance they require to find enjoyment and success in their participation.

People are born into different economic circumstances, have different personalities, talents, interests and abilities as well as different races, cultures and backgrounds. All of these things play a role in outcomes for individuals. Because we believe that everyone should have the chance to be successful and live a fulfilling life, we endeavour to provide varying levels of support depending upon need to achieve greater fairness of outcomes for all and not allow circumstances to create situations of inequity.

YWCA Hunter exists to support, empower and connect women, children and their families for a stronger community.

Strengthened by Christian heritage and enriched by our worldwide membership of women and girls the YWCA Hunter Region is a women’s membership movement based on feminist principles of equality. Today we aspire to sustainability through the richness of diversity from many beliefs and values. YWCA Hunter exists to support, empower and connect women and families for a stronger community. The YWCA in the Hunter has been delivering services to women of the Newcastle region in later years to the wider Hunter community for 95 years.

In the Hunter, the YWCA has been supporting and working with women and their families since 1880. The YWCA Newcastle commenced operations at 113 King Street Newcastle in 1921 with club rooms, cafeteria, classes and a variety of clubs open to all people. The YWCA Hunter is part of a global membership based movement of women and girls, which promotes women’s leadership and gender equality.

The World YWCA is a global network of women and young women leading social and economic change in over 122 countries. The World YWCA is one of the world’s largest and oldest women’s organisations with a global reach of 25 million women and girls. It advocates for peace, justice, human rights and care of the environment, and has been at the forefront of raising the status of women for over 150 years. The World YWCA develops women’s leadership to find local solutions to the global inequalities women face. Annually the network supports 25 million women and girls.

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The YWCA in the Hunter has been delivering services to women of the Newcastle region in later years to the wider Hunter community for 95 years. In the Hunter, the YWCA has been supporting and working with women and their families since 1880. The YWCA Newcastle commenced operations at 113 King Street Newcastle in 1921 with club rooms, cafeteria, classes and a variety of clubs open to all people. There were 800 members in 1963. The YWCA Hunter moved into the Dawson Street, Cooks Hill property in 1963 with the new gymnasium being added and opened by Betty Cuthbert in 1965. The YWCA Hostel in Parkway Avenue, Bar Beach War Memorial Hostel, was built in 1953 offering accommodation at reasonable rates plus ‘wholesome lifestyle’ for ‘business girls and students’. It transitioned to mixed accommodation and then was sold in 2007. The YWCA Hunter has a chequered history of program delivery and we aim to move with recognised needs/trends and available research in the community.

There are currently no vacancies at the YWCA Hunter.

All YWCA Hunter memberships expire in December and we would like to call on our existing members to renew their membership for 2022 if you have not already done so, as we value and need your contribution as members of the YWCA Hunter. If you know other women who would be interested in membership please feel free to direct them to this webpage where membership can be easily completed online.

  • Voting membership entitles you to:
  • Become part of an international movement which promotes women’s leadership and gender equality.
  • Ability to vote on resolutions at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Support our programs and strengthen our voice.
  • Are invited to apply for unique international opportunities at YWCA’s around the world, in the World YWCA
    office, and at international conferences – where the YWCA supports Members to attend.
  • Receive emails and updates from YWCA Hunter Region Inc relating to the YWCA organisation and issues
    affecting women and girls locally, nationally and internationally.

Membership is annual based on a calendar year. Membership is renewable on 1st January each year. Membership payments received between 1st October and 31st December cover the period to the end of the following calendar year. The YWCA Constitution states that each member has a three month grace period to renew their membership after its expiration date before they cease to remain a member.


Renew or apply for your YWCA Hunter membership here. After submitting this form, you’ll be contacted by YWCA Hunter regarding payment of your membership fee.

    Membership Level Required 2 Year Full Voting Membership - $20 (must be or identify as female, 16 years and over)1 Year Affiliate Membership - $10 (for any age/gender or for program registration)



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